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At the limit of the Upper Tiber Valley, nestled between green hills topped by ancient castles, the village of Tavernelle develops on the road at 23 km from Arezzo.
After just a mile you reach "La Scarpaia", detached former farmhouse built in local stone.

The town of Anghiari, three kilometers away, a small jewel of medieval architecture with its characteristic historical center, famous for legendary "battle" of Leonardo, in every season offers many attractions. From the hill you can go down an eight kilometers straight to borgo Sansepolcro, birthplace of Piero Della Francesca, home to a rich museum. Reached within an hour of freeway the umbrian capital of Perugia and the countries of Assisi, Gubbio, Todi.

panorama From Anghiari a panoramic road bring you until the Etruscan town of Cortona and going down to lake Trasimeno. For those who love mountains and spirituality in less then an hour can reach the hermitages of Verna adn camaldoli and the apennines to the source of the Tiber. from Arezzo, a beautiful art city, continuing for half an hour on the higway, you can reach florence, the heart of Tuscany .